FW22 Behind the Scenes🪡 The Design Process

FW22 Behind the Scenes🪡 The Design Process

Behind the Scenes written out using the TiA CiBANi brand lettering and the fall winter 22 collection colors

The Design Process

It's not unusual for the design process to start months in advance of when the collection will be available in stores. The inspiration for the collection was found by Tia in June 2021. As this process can take months, our design team, comprised of Tia Cibani, Lisa Ritson, and Cristina Fierro, work tirelessly to design a collection you will love once it hits the shelves.

Tia Cibani and Lisa Ritson have color cards splayed all out over the table so they can pick and choose the best colors

Tia and her team spend days looking through fabric samples and scouring through thousands of color cards looking for the perfect shades and textures that best encompass her vision. Finally she comes up with a beautiful color palette, here’s FW22

fall winter 2022 color palette. color palette in order with descriptions: opal (off white), dust (light pink), gold, sunrise (orange), scarlett (red), blackberry (deep purple), forest green, fog (light blue), river (teal), levi (dark navy blue)



fringe, sequin, felt, denim and string samples of all different colorsIt's the little details in Tia's collections that make them so distinctive and memorable. Her eye is focused on sequins, fringe, buttons, and more, choosing the best color combinations to give you the perfect wardrobe addition. 

Tia designing the Ellsworth Knee Socks:

sketch of ellsworth knee socks in dust mix showing exact dimensions of each wave and color

Tia standing in her design studio holding up a blue sock, she is sticking pins in it to show where wave will go for new style

As soon as the collection is complete, samples begin arriving, and we get a chance to see the designs come to life! We take product photos with the samples and do a campaign photoshoot so we can begin showcasing the collection to stores.