Introducing FW23: Camp Bil-O-Wood🏕

Introducing FW23: Camp Bil-O-Wood🏕

“The Canadian rugged wilderness washed by the sun’s magical light surrounds us.  Once in a long while, we encounter quaint little villages and catch a glimpse of the infamous Lake Huron. This was the journey that led the way for the Fall Winter 2023 inspiration. As we drove through the beautiful province of Ontario, Canada, I was able to appreciate the culture and history of the country where I grew up while driving Castine to her first sleepaway camp. A cozy, charming establishment filled with youth and hope while providing outdoorsy character-building experiences and unique social developments of a special culture that has endured several generations.”

– Tia Cibani

Graphic file of TiA CiBANi's fw23 signature print, next to the fw23 color palette and a photo of the artist who inspired the print, G. Peter JemisonFW23 is inspired by the artwork of Orenda artist G. Peter Jemison, a member of the Heron Clan of the Seneca Nation. Jemison's art embodies Orenda, the traditional Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) belief that every living thing and every part of creation contains a spiritual force. Jemison’s art of naïve and rhythmic lines establishes the foundation for the season’s signature "Night Bloom" print of bold colors in abstract florals. Rich colors are rendered earthy and warm. Earthen Maple red, delicate Salmon pink, shimmering Copper and warm Flame orange speak to the more feminine side of the collection while deep Moss forest, soothing Sage green, rich Twilight purple and handsome Huron blue are a nod to the classically masculine tones. Opal is the constant winter white that is at once a calming hue and a palette cleanser of sorts.

Image of a Porter airlines airplaneThe flight from NY to Toronto was such a treat because we took Porter Airlines as they have their own airport smack in the heart of the city on an island in Lake Ontario! Touching down at the Billy Bishop Island airport was spectacular with sprawling views of the city AKA, NY run by the Swiss. The petite propellor airplanes with their charming (and very friendly) crew were such a novelty. Then we flew to Sudbury airport, at which point it was the final stretch, a two hour drive to Blind River. Looooong journey but well worth it!

Image of teepee structures in CanadaHeading to the town of Blind River, Ontario (population 3,472) along Highway 17, I introduced Castine to one of my favorite Canadian bands, The Cowboy Junkies. We listened to their beautiful melancholy tracks as we took in the sights along the way. These teepees in the early morning light took our breath away! Our first journey to camp of which there will be many more.

Image of a booth at 17 Restaurant in Blind River, Ontario, CA with the logo on the back of the boothCastine and I had an early morning, hearty breakfast of waffles and Canadian bacon with LOADS of Canadian maple syrup at the iconic 17 Restaurant in Blind River, Ontario before it was time for camp drop-off. It was Sunday morning and the locals were mingling about, we spotted some other parents with very excited kiddos and figured they were likely fellow campers. Turns out, they were!

Image of a lake at Camp Bil-O-WoodVesper, a sacred and most magical spot at Camp Bil-O-Wood where camper's gather every Sunday evening to share in the week's news and give thanks for all of their achievements and experiences.

two girls sitting in the grass holding a baby with boys sitting on the outside of themWithout a doubt, we are searching for more joy, more play, more beauty, more celebration as we slowly emerge and come back to our normalcy. We celebrate the simple pleasures of dressing up and dressing down finding our unique personalities and letting them shine through. Tia takes us on a memorable campout of textures and shapes for her newest collection.