Introducing SS24: Happy Valley-Goose Bay🌊⛵️

Introducing SS24: Happy Valley-Goose Bay🌊⛵️

“Happy Valley-Goose Bay,” TiA CiBaNi’s newest nature-inspired Spring Summer collection, was inspired by the whimsical imagination of her daughter, Castine, who continues to influence Tia’s creative ingenuity everyday! This collection brings to life an abstract, dream-like place that exists in both our minds and in our hearts, a place characterized by its natural beauty and happy memories: Happy Valley-Goose Bay. 

Imagine the most crystal-clear waters, waves gently crashing ashore and sweeping across a freshly crafted sandcastle, warm sun on your skin, and the calmness of nature all around you... As Castine dreams of making her mark on a healthier and happier world, this was exactly how she envisioned Happy Valley-Goose Bay in her search for a clean living environment.

Nature’s diverse elements of flora, fauna, and aquatic life have laid the foundation of the breezy color palette of this collection, which are brought to life through classic seersucker patterns, embroidered patchwork, color-coded utility pockets, and sailor collar necklines. 

Rainbow Rain, this season’s signature print, reimagines sailor stripes and sets us asail into the imaginative world of Happy Valley-Goose Bay with its vibrant yellows, nautical blues, and corally pinks. This print is inspired by French Artist, Daniel Buren, and merges these colorful stripes into a contemporary reconstruction of the rainbow. 

With SS24, you will be ready to embark on a surreal expedition through Happy Valley-Goose Bay where the only limit is your imagination!